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欢迎来到”GMABC中文教师培训系列讲座” 在线注册平台,请在以下五个选项中做出选择,并按要求填写表格。感谢您的支持与配合。Welcome to “GMABC Chinese Teachers Training Workshop ”online registration.  

对于赞助商家: To our sponsors,


  1. 提升中文教师的专业及业务水平;
  2. 帮助中文教师有效地开展日常教学;
  3. 促进教师之间的交流;
  4. 与中文教育相关的书籍、资料及辅助教学用品
  5. 拓展中文教师的职业通道,实现在美国教育体系下更好地实现自我价值。


  1. 全程活动中得到宣传和推广,包括海报,网站,报纸,社交媒体;
  2. 赞助感谢证书;
  3. 华文报纸半版专题报道;

Thank you for sponsoring our Chinese Teacher Training Webinar Series, your funds will be utilized to:

  1. Increase Chinese teaching skills among teachers in North America;
  2. Help Chinese teachers better carry our daily teaching activities;
  3. Foster the communication among teachers;
  4. Provide books, training materials and additional teaching tools;
  5. Expand Chinese teachers’ career path, promote better self-actualization of Chinese teachers.

To show our appreciations, you will receive:

  1. Promotion of your business throughout the entire event, including webpages, posters, newspapers and social media;
  2. Certificate of Appreciation;
  3. Special report in Chinese newspapers (half a page).
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