Programs & Services

  • Professional & Business Services: Translation, B2B training workshops, travel orientations, customized business/legal analysis.
  • Asian Language Education: Mandarin Chinese and more throughout K-12 and higher education levels in the formats of seminars, community programs, and tutoring.
  •  Cultural & Community Services: Asian-American-themed fairs/events, community development and cultural exchanges initiatives, human capital training in international reach.
  • Civic Engagement & Democratic Participation: Youth empowerment programs; dialogues with key policy influencers and community leaders; policy advocacy for the Asian-American society.

Our Goals

  • A Multifaceted Bridge among Latin America, North America and Emerging Asia through Cosmopolitan South Florida.
  • A Sustainable Platform of Discovering and Fostering Talents within Our Vibrant Community.
  •  A Rising Voice of Civil Society Participation in the Democratic Process.

Our Unique Advantages

  • Alliance with China’s Global Strategies: Harmony, Mutual Benefits, and Peaceful Coexistence.
  • Strategic Partnerships with South Florida’s Government Agencies, Prestigious Universities, Business Leaders and Media Groups.
  • A Triangular Link among the U.S., Latin America and China: Geopolitical Importance!
  • Independently Operated Facility Free of External Influences.
  • Far-reaching Foresight in Business, Community and Education.