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对于参与培训教师:To our participating teachers:


  1. 提升专业教学水平、课堂管理水平;
  2. 解决中文教育过程中的“疑难杂症”;
  3. 结识北美的同行,广泛交流,共同提升;
  4. 拓展中文教师的职业通道,实现在美国教育体系下更好地实现自我价值;
  5. 得到培训资格证书;
  6. 得到与中文教育相关的书籍、资料及辅助教学用品;
  7. 优先参与中文教育方面夏令营等项目;

We want to extend our warmest welcome to all the teachers participating in our Chinese Teachers Training Webinar Series as well as in-person training, you will receive the following benefits:

  1. Improve both language teaching and class management skills;
  2. Learn to cope with the “dilemmas” in Chinese language education;
  3. Make acquaintances with fellow teachers in North America and learn from each other;
  4. Expand career path as Chinese language teacher, and better achieve self actualization under American education system.
  5. Receive training certificates;
  6. Receive books, training materials, and additional teaching tools;
  7. Priority to join Chinese education programs such as summer camp.

Event sponsored