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Virtual College Fair 2022 for North America


Greater Miami Asian Business Coalition(GMABC)Chinese Test Center
Chinese Testing International Co. Ltd. (CTI)
Top Chinese Universities


Sunday, January 9, 2022 , 7-9:30PM (ET)/4-6:30PM (PST)

To provide an overview of a few top-tier universities and important information on admissions, this college fair will help students of North America get a better understanding of Chinese universities and facilitate their prospective study in China.  

Through the college fair, students and parents will:

  • Meet College Admissions officers from TOP colleges;
  • Familiarize with the learning environment in China;
  • Learn college application procedure to study in China:
  • Get questions answered about choosing a major, qualifications, scholarship, etc.;
  • Find out more about student engagement opportunities and programs: Summer/Winter Camp, Internship, Exchange student program etc.


7:00~7:05PM: Opening

7:05-9:20PM: Universities’ Introduction

9:20-9:30PM: Q&A and Closing

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