Who We Are

The Greater Miami Asian Business Coalition (GMABC) is a non-profit and non-political organization based in Florida.

The GMABC works to facilitate commercial and cultural exchanges, foster community development, and improve the business climate in South Florida by bridging with our Asian connections in educational and professional arenas.

What We Do

With over eight years of experience in excellent pro bono work in collaboration with local governmental agencies, educational entities, and media platforms, the GMABC embraces an expansive network of talents and foresight.

Our founders bring with them unique expertise in international cultural exchanges, public work, community organizing, and international commerce. Headquartered in the Greater Miami area, the

GMABC is poised to take full advantage of a cosmopolitan platform married with its global connections, not only in North America but also in Latin America & the Caribbean.


Mission And Vision

GMABC’s mission is to drive positive social impacts and favorable economic outcomes by promoting educational, professional, and community engagement opportunities with an emphasis on South Florida’s Asian communities. Our vision is to unite local Asian-American communities, promote Asian cultures and business norms, and partner with a diverse array of organizations and individuals to achieve our objectives. Specifically, we accomplish our goals by

(i) enhancing local businesses’ international reach and fostering South Florida’s Asian business communities through educational and professional services;

(ii) expanding local education and community enrichment services in the Chinese language and culture;

(iii) promoting international business education and training among South Florida’s underserved communities through outreach and cultural events;

(iv) championing civic engagement and cultural identity formation within the Asian-American youth groups and all other South Florida residents via cultural programming.